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Case Study: "Chop it up and make something great"

UiPath’s Brand Studio team exceeds company expectations to extract more value from hours of content with Snackable AI.

Key points:

  1. Brand Studio creates more high-quality assets in a fraction of the time
  2. Non-marketers empowered to create their own promotional content
  3. Satisfies large appetite for custom Audiograms on social media


UiPath is a leader in the Robotic Process Automation industry with thousands of employees in over 40 offices globally. They produce an extremely high volume of long, recorded content – webinars, podcasts, customer calls, and more. Moreover, the enterprise runs several event series, including Forward, their annual, multi-stage summit. In 2019, UiPath led or participated in over 300 events – all of them were recorded.

Snackable Audiogram of keynote from UiPath CEO Daniel Dines

Their Brand Studio – a team of 11 – was historically charged with not only designing/producing a fair amount of their own content, but managing everyone else’s from across the enterprise as well. Countless hours of video and audio are delivered to the Studio to be structured and refined, so, for example, anyone can find key moments easily. Once found, insights need to be quickly turned into compelling promotional assets that the social team can use to engage the company’s audiences. For a small team, it’s a herculean task.


The UiPath Brand Studio leverages Snackable to solve the problem from three angles:
  1. Make it easier for their own team to distill the best parts from all long-form content and promote them easily. Snackable AI automatically creates logical chapters, identifies key topics/speakers, and highlights the best parts (Snacks), which can seamlessly turn into audiograms.

  2. Make it easier for the social team to quickly churn out short, compelling video/audio posts.

  3. Empower other UiPath business units to manage and promote content themselves with their own access to the Snackable platform.


Each team leveraging the tool – the Brand Studio, social team, event organizers and others – now produces/promotes engaging, short-form pieces of longer recorded content considerably faster than they’ve been able to in the past.

Key examples:
  • UiPath’s events team collaborates in Snackable to organize, distill, and socialize video session content from foundational events – including FORWARD, UiPath Live, Together, and the Reboot Work Festival – with considerably less intervention from Brand Studio.

  • Similarly, their social media team now operates with much more autonomy – and posts faster – with the ability to create compelling social assets themselves instead of looking to Brand Studio for all deliverables.

Need a better way to get a handle on all of your recorded content and promote it seamlessly? Let us know.