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This year, we all get closer

Whether we’re physically together or not, 2022 is the year you connect more effectively with all of your audiences.

Somewhere over the Atlantic, about halfway home to Estonia for the holidays, my mind turned to small talk. A staple of big parties that likely won’t be the norm for a while, I wondered if I'd miss it.

I'm not bothered by small talk at parties – sometimes a little random chit chat about the big surprise ending in the latest James Bond movie is just what you need. But I also know there’s nothing better than truly connecting with someone in a relevant, meaningful conversation. It brings us closer together. And even at a time when we still feel so distanced, it’s possible.

I’m enthusiastic about getting together in person with friends, colleagues, customers, and more in the coming months – it’s going to happen. Regardless, the recorded content we all generate – whether that’s at an industry summit or from a customer conversation – is obviously not going to diminish. Audio and video content is the bedrock of the digital-first world in which we now live – it’s how we communicate, educate, entertain, and more. And, happily, the ecosystem to support it – from easy production, to distillation, to wide distribution – is burgeoning.

As long as content is valuable, this is a good thing. 79% of enterprise marketers say that the value of content is the primary driver of its success.* The question is, with volume only increasing, how do you ensure that content stays meaningful, which, in turn, brings you and your audiences closer together?

Here at Snackable, we’ve been doing a ton of work over the past several months to make that happen. We’ve enhanced our feature set – for example, building out audiograms so you can relay the essence of long content easily and elegantly. We’ve made our AI even smarter and faster, so your content is perfectly transcribed, chapterized, highlighted, and otherwise structured in the time it takes to pour a cup of eggnog. We’ve added more amazing people to the team.

All of it serves the same goal: to ensure that you can reveal insights that really matter to people, faster than ever before. Do it and you matter more to them, too.

It won’t make you the “life of the party,” the master of small talk. It’ll make you the one that everyone really wants to talk to, distanced or not.

When you’re ready, give the new Snackable a try.

A happy and healthy new year to all of us!

* Content Marketing Institute; Enterprise Content Marketing Benchmarks, Insights for 2021