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The rise of spoken word

From AirPods to Alexa, audio has never been more personal, powerful and deeply embedded into our daily lives.

It’s official. We now live in an audio-first world.

Since March 2020, almost all of the professional conversations and vital knowledge sharing that would have normally happened face-to-face has instead happened in audio/video online, from company meetings to music events, conferences and - well - just about everything!

Spoken word content creation and consumption has exploded, and it's only the beginning. This trend is here to stay, and it’s great news for creators and consumers alike. Let’s take large conferences for example. If done right, the online alternative can be more efficient, impactful, inclusive and environmentally friendly.

At the same time, online events are starting to be more expensive to host than physical ones. It’s a new industry and the competition for attention is tough. For many brands, breaking through the noise means pouring more money in.

Ironically, over 50% of people don’t listen real-time when the event "airs." So the real goal is not to use the fanciest production, but to get your event's audio and video content in front of the right audiences, on the right channels, with the right message. And to do it fast. Like, really fast.

Suddenly, your hour-long webinar becomes totally transparent with Snackable, as viewers can browse your content to find what they want. We automatically find and highlight each chapter from your content, making it more powerful, discoverable and useful than ever before. So whether you’re sharing a recorded livestream, webinar, panel talk or podcast, your spoken word content can reach new audiences - and new heights.

And that’s not all. Our powerful AI finds the very best bits of your content in seconds, so whether you’re looking to share key moments from a keynote for LinkedIn or combine the best moments from your podcast for a Twitter highlights reel video, Snackable does all the hard work for you.

Unlock the power of your spoken word content with Snackable