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Google takes video SEO seriously, and so should you

Spoken word content is finding its way to the top of the SERP

Ever searched for something and found the answer without having to click? Whether it’s an excerpt from Wikipedia, a YouTube clip or an info card, Google’s Featured Snippets help users find what they’re looking for - and they’re great news for your content, too.

Because Google’s Featured Snippets always appear at the top of the search results page, they represent an opportunity to “jump the line” in SEO, with visual and engaging content.

Types of Featured Snippets

Google offers two main formats for video Featured Snippets.

Key Moments offers a full preview of your video’s content by displaying its chapter breaks as a horizontal timeline. This is a huge opportunity for your video content: it takes up almost half the screen on a mobile device, and gives users a preview of the entire piece so they can jump in wherever they want.

In This Video works a bit differently. Here, Google is analyzing the entire video transcript and highlighting the most relevant clip. This format is especially useful for answers to specific questions that can be isolated from a longer video.

How do I get my content featured?

To maximize your chances of appearing as a Featured Snippet, you’ll need to do three things:

  1. Host your video on Youtube
  2. Add chapter breaks with timestamps
  3. Upload a full transcript

This may seem like a considerable amount of admin, but Snackable automates the entire process. Our AI generates a quality transcript in no time and detects natural chapter breaks that you can easily adjust. Once you’re ready, you can publish directly to your Youtube channel with all the necessary metadata in place.

Of course, there’s no substitute for high-quality, relevant content – just as in text-based SEO. But many producers are already sitting on enviable content libraries that are largely invisible to search engines. Snackable helps expose it all to Google’s powerful, high-profile Featured Snippets format.

Boost your content without the admin - start your free trial today.