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Making your Brightcove videos more engaging with Snackable AI

Automatically built-in chapters, captions, and more make it easier for viewers to get the most out of your content.
The biggest companies in the world count on Brightcove to deliver amazing video experiences to their customers, teams, and more. We’re here to help make that video extra amazing by making it easier for those viewers to navigate and distill the most essential parts.

When you authenticate your Brightcove account with Snackable, you can publish your videos directly to Video Cloud with our metadata seamlessly built into the Brightcove video player.

We wanted to show you what it all looks like.

What is Brightcove?

Brightcove is a cloud-based online video platform founded in 2004. Media companies, businesses, and organizations worldwide use Brightcove to publish and distribute videos online.

Brightcove is a leading provider of video cloud services. Brightcove services clients worldwide with digital video distribution technology, the ability to monetize those videos with ads, and analytics for live streaming.

Brightcove is a VOD (video-on-demand) platform provider. They operate at an enterprise scale and partner with broadcasters and big brands to deliver on-demand and live video.

It is a reliable and robust video hosting platform that provides the following features:

  • Live streaming of events and a catalog of videos to present to users.
  • Create TV channels with a player optimized for HTML5.
  • Deliver detailed, high-level data and analytics to drive your video marketing efforts.
  • Brand the video content you create on OTT apps, websites, social media, and any other channel you need with an API tool for even more customization.
  • Integrate with other tools to monetize content.
  • Cloud-based transcoding gets content to suitable devices without additional processes at the users' end.

What is the Brightcove video cloud platform?

Brightcove Video Cloud is an all-in-one video hosting and publishing platform that quickly reaches your audience. It is Brightcove's most popular product because, with Video Cloud, you can easily upload, manage and publish videos. Easily create and style players and review the performance of the videos in your account.

You can read more about the Brightcove video cloud platform here.

Is Brightcove better than YouTube?

With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is synonymous with video streaming and home to hundreds of thousands of content creators worldwide.

You would think then that YouTube, owned and operated by Google, would be the platform to choose.

Well, it's not that straightforward.

Unlike on YouTube, companies maintain full ownership of their video content by using Brightcove for hosting and streaming. Brightcove's video platform caters to sports and media companies and marketing and communications teams.

Brightcove also targets B2B, while YouTube has a far more B2C audience, attracting more individual users than business ones. YouTube does analytics for video content creators but has fewer security and content management features than Brightcove.

Brightcove vs. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that provides professionals with advanced video management features, including:

  • Private links
  • Privacy controls
  • Cloud transcoding
  • Social publishing
  • Video storage

It offers more versatility than free video streaming services like YouTube. With Vimeo's customizable player, organizations and businesses of all types can move customers through sales and marketing funnels.

Vimeo is a video management solution that helps brands, publishers, & organizations of all sizes upload, host, stream, and share video content. The platform allows users to personalize videos using custom colors, logos, thumbnails, themes, and playback speed.

Brightcove offers a plethora of video marketing, hosting, and advertising solutions. Products include a video marketing suite to manage and organize video libraries, publish-on-demand content on devices, track results, capture leads, and quantifiable analytics.

Both are good but work slightly differently, yet, more importantly, users can use Brightcove with Snackable AI.

Using Snackable AI with Brightcove

AI-generated chapters appear in the player as clickable jump points.


Transcripts appear as captions when a viewer enables them in the player.

Here’s the whole video so you can see them in action. Hover over the menu options (of the Brightcove player) in the bottom right corner to enable captions and to jump to specific chapters.

Are you a Brightcove user? Talk to us about how you can take advantage of this amazing integration and drive deeper engagement with your video content.

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