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Case Study: How AllianceBernstein produces 2-3X more video with Snackable

Automating production and enabling more employees to make great clips, AB engages investors with a steady flow of audio/video.

Top results:

  1. Saved $30k/year in video edit time alone
  2. Produced 2-3x more video, minimizing effort and spend through automation
  3. Empowered more teams to produce audiograms themselves


Global investment leader AllianceBernstein (AB) understands how valuable their guidance is to customers. They also know that video and audio are the best vehicles for sharing that knowledge. But producing and promoting a high volume of high-quality content isn’t easy.

“AB has a fantastic marketing team,” states Seena Ghaznavi, Executive Producer at Zerocool, AB’s internal creative agency. “But the production lift is so intense – especially for so much recorded content – that a dedicated creative resource, facilitated by great tech, is essential.”

Seena’s team is expected to produce great content quickly – an expectation that has only escalated since the firm supplemented its battery of corporate video (events, speeches, etc.) with seven podcasts. Managing so much content manually, even something as simple as pulling a 90-second clip for promotion proved to be a massive time and resource drain on the team.

As executive producer Seena Ghaznavi describes it:

Moreover, as the market gravitates more toward “tier 3” video – recordings from events like webinars that don’t require an expensive production and can be churned out fast/frequently – the team needed to rethink its production process.


AB/Zerocool leveraged Snackable as a single platform to tackle multiple needs, with AI automating as many “non-creative” functions as possible:
  • Efficiency: streamline production by automating tasks like highlighting key snippets (aka ‘Snacks’), and consolidating functions (e.g., captioning) instead of relying on more vendors
  • Accessibility: produce transcripts and chapters for every piece of video and audio that make it easier for AB’s audiences to absorb that content
  • Scale: for tier 3 video that doesn't need to be custom or glossy, churn out a high volume of short-form content by:
    • automating captions, highlights, and more
    • giving more people access to the platform – creators and non-creators alike – and an easy way to produce great-looking audiograms


AB now produces more video/audio content, faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Saved ~$30k/year by reducing video edit time with AI
  • Scaled volume of quality audio/video content 2-3x, by:
    • Enabling more teams across the org to produce their own well-designed audiograms
    • Automating as much as possible with AI – clip selection/highlighting, audiogram template creation, and more
  • Improved SEO for AB video and audio content with transcripts and chapters
  • Additionally, recovered the Zoom recordings of former AB employees by using Snackable as a single repository for all video content

To learn more about how Snackable AI can help you produce more, great video content at scale, talk to us.