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MEDIA Library Unify everything in one place and regain control.

Digging through disparate sources of content to find insight creates chaos. Unify all of your webinars, podcasts, customer conversations, and more in Snackable and breathe easier. 

projects and sorting Organize all of your content.

Webinars, panel recordings, customer conversations, team meetings, podcasts, and more - upload it all to Snackable.

Organize files into projects so teams can find the best things said, easily. Sort everything in your library based on what’s important to you.

  • Create projects to streamline workflow
  • Tag files for multiple projects
  • Advanced sorting for files

search and discover Find what you need, easily.

Search within a file or project to find the assets and insights that you’re looking for.

Explore themes and speakers across your library. Discover new insights/trends that will resonate with your audiences.

  • Search for (or within) a file from your library
  • Tag files by project to streamline workflows
  • Browse themes and speakers across files
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