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insights Distill the best insights in a fraction of the time.

With all of your recorded content now in one place, how do you home in on the best things that have been said? Snackable AI finds it all for you, so you can share what matters to your customers instantaneously.

chapters and transcripts Navigate long content easily.

Accurate transcripts help you know exactly what’s been said. Chaptering makes it easy to understand what’s happening at different parts of the recording.

  • Full, auto-generated transcript;
    easily editable
  • Auto-generated chapters
  • Export directly to YouTube, Brightcove and more

tags and speakers Find just what you're looking for.

Tags let you discover the most important topics mentioned within a file without even typing.

Snackable AI can also recognize who is speaking, so you can easily find everything that person has said across a recording.

  • Tags generated for the whole recording
  • Speakers found and named

snacks AI highlights the best parts for you.

Snackable AI automatically calls out great snippets - what we call Snacks - across your entire recording.

Your CMO said the most brilliant thing ever on a panel last spring? AI finds it and lets you share it immediately with internal teams - or with the world across your socials.

  • Let AI create snacks for you, or customize your own
  • Unlimited snacks per recording
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