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Audiograms Share big insights in small, satisfying packages.

Bring insight to the world in a way that goes down easy. Create and share audiograms seamlessly in Snackable. Internal teams love you for the guidance, customers love you for the relevant insight.

power of short-form Make the point clear to people.

Capture the essence of a one hour recording in one minute.

Audiograms are perfect little presentations of a single point, complementing your snack (snippet of a recording) with an engaging visual, so everyone can actually absorb the insight you’ve revealed.

creation Make an audiogram seamlessly.

Once you’ve selected a great Snack, turn it into an elegantly-designed audiogram directly, without even leaving the page.

Fully customize look and feel, including:
  • Video or static image background

  • Title and speaker

  • Branding

  • Captions, waveform, and more

distribution Share it easily.

Deliver great insight to your key audiences instantly. Post audiograms directly to your social accounts, or anywhere else you want to promote them.

Deliver that same insight to your internal teams so everyone is perfectly aligned on the right thing to build, sell, market and more.

Share anywhere: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Slack, Jira, and more.

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