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How it works How your video gets more engagement with Snackable AI

What video looks like before Snackable

Elon Musk did a 36 minute interview with the WSJ covering several topics. It’s a long video, definitely TLDV. How do you make it more engaging without spending too much time on it?

Here’s what it looks like with Snackable chapters

Snackable chapters are auto-generated by AI and automatically integrated into the video as it’s published.

Chapters engage your viewers more, letting them to get right to the parts they care about the most.

Since chapters are indexed by search engines, they also make your video easier to find.

Snackable audiograms engage people even more

Audiograms are great short clips that drive audiences to your long-form video.

Here are 3 versions of different “snacks” (snippets) created automatically by AI, turned into an audiogram in less than 3 minutes by someone with no design experience, and shared instantly to each social channel.

YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook

Twitter, Instagram