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Reveal what matters to your audiences in minutes.

Snackable distills countless hours of audio/video content into insights that your customers, prospects, and other audiences care about. So you build, sell, and market what they really need.

Trusted by industry leaders including
Snackable streamlines our production process for social content. We used to have to separately order transcripts and captions and use several editing platforms with cumbersome import and export processes.
Producer, Alliance Bernstein

The 12 webinars your CMO was on. The 21 client calls you had.
And so on.

There’s a lot of brilliance baked into all of the recorded content you’ve made and conversations you’ve had. But there’s so much now, it’s impossible to get a handle on it and turn it into insights that hit a nerve with your audiences.

The Snackable insights engine suddenly makes it all possible.

Put AI to work and reveal more meaningful insight with less effort.

AI generated Transcripts and Chapters Know exactly what’s been said, and what’s happening at different parts of the recording.

AI generated Tags and Speakers Discover the most important topics, and everything a given speaker has said, instantly.

AI generated Snacks AI automatically calls out great snippets across your entire recording, ready-to-share.

Audiograms Share big insights in small, elegantly-designed packages, and make the point of your content clear.

  • Title
  • Branding
  • Captions
  • Waveform
  • and more

Media Library Powerful search and the ability to organize files into projects mean teams manage all assets easily.

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Satisfying marketers and more


Build your brand and drive leads. Nothing engages audiences like insights that speak to their real needs. Nothing reveals them faster than Snackable AI.

Content creators

Turn insight into great content instantly. Unify everything that’s been said, let AI distill what’s most important, and share it as a perfect audiogram, seamlessly.

Sales teams

Close deals faster. Snackable AI stocks your pitches with insights that you know matter to your prospects, in minutes.

Product teams

Build product that’s essential to customers. Learn what they really need from all of your business’s recorded content and conversations.

Integrations make your life easier

Streamline your workflow. Your essential video and communications platforms connect directly to Snackable.

YouTube logo

Make your videos easy to find by publishing them directly to YouTube with AI-generated chapters, tags, and captions.

Brightcove logo

Make it easy for viewers to navigate your video with automatically built-in cue points, captions and tags.

Zoom logo

Reveal key moments and insights by importing your Zoom meetings directly into Snackable.

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