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How to matter to your audiences

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Stepan introducing Snackable team's project idea at a hackathon
Kaarel, Anett, Stepan, Helen, Alex, and Tiit waiting for the fire drill to be over outside Snackable Tallinn office
Alex, Liisi, Otto, and Mari on a team event in Tallinn, Estonia
Helen presenting a Snackable-branded jumper on a team event
When we started Snackable in 2018, the “audio renaissance” was in full swing, with podcasting in the spotlight. Ironically, the more content flooded the market, the harder it was to absorb. There was too much, it was too long, and it was a black box.

So we built AI to make podcasts and other audio content easy to search, and their best parts, or “snacks,” easy to discover.

2020 brought a paradigm shift to how we work and live. It bred new opportunities as we all became content creators. Virtual summits, meetings, and more meant people could stay connected while physically apart. But as businesses generated all of that recorded content, once again there was too much, it was too long, and it was a black box.

We solved that problem by building an insights engine. We retooled our product and enhanced our AI so businesses could surface relevant insights from content easily and put them to work.

The issue runs even deeper. Creating endless content can actually dilute the biggest points companies are trying to make, risking relationships with customers and other audiences by imparting a lot that actually doesn't matter to them.

So we’re scaling up Snackable to make you more relevant to your audiences. Our AI will always surface that brilliant quip your CMO made at a summit, instantly. But the ability to look across all of those summits (and webinars, customer Zooms, etc.), find trends, reveal new, meaningful insight, and share those seamlessly? That’s where we’re going.

It’s about creating more relevant value. And it makes you matter more.

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Snackable is a venture-backed startup with offices in New York City and Tallinn, Estonia. We're grounded in superior knowledge of audio/video content and AI, with a world-class machine learning team, an advisory board of domain experts, and a track record of building successful, AI-powered startups.

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Snackable is a culture of collaboration and respect between smart, good people – driven, but down-to-earth. We’re focused on fostering an environment where everyone loves working together and learning from each other. See Open Roles
A group of 13 people standing together outdoors, all wearing Snackable-branded sweatshirts. Four members of Snackable team wearing safety harnesses and hardhats, on a team event in Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure, smiling at the camera. A member of the Snackable team on a team event in Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure, climbing up a long rope ladder and smiling at the camera.